80s Cover Band Opens for Clint Black

80s band Flashback Heart Attack opens for Clint Black

The wind kicked up to unbearable highs for an outdoor performance on a Friday night in Rock Springs Wyoming.
Flashback Heart Attack couldn’t go on and perform their headlining set due to the safety of the band and guests.

Country superstar Clint Black was playing the night after. Once his manager got wind that Flashback Heart Attack couldn’t play he and Clint decided they let the guys in red leather open for them. an 80s cover band from California opening for a national touring country superstar. It ended up being a perfect fit. Clint himself even gave Flashback Heart Attack and 80s band DEVO a shout out.

“It was an amazing gesture on his part. His band and crew were so hospitable.” Thank you very much.

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It has been three decades since the release of Clint Black’s groundbreaking debut album, Killin’ Time. The genre altering record cemented the Country music icon as one of the truest traditionalists in the game and his widespread influence can still be felt in the works of artists today. Now, the seemingly unstoppable legend is set to release his incredible 12th studio album, Out of Sane, dropping on June 19th. The record, self-produced by Black, not only stays true to sounds that birthed Country music but also progresses the genre to today’s sensibilities.   

Having sold over 20 million records, earning 22 #1 career singles, nearly two dozen gold and platinum awards (U.S. and Canada), a Grammy Award, numerous CMA, ACM and American Music Awards, and being honored with at star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Clint Black has had one of the most storied careers in modern music. The Houston raised musician has certainly come a long way from the Texas nightclub circuit where he first began.  

In his latest effort, Out of Sane, Black continues to hold firm in making great music that doesn’t fit a mold or conform to current popularity. 

“I try to make records that don’t fit into a trend,” explains the Houston-born producer/guitarist. “I never wanted to start a trend, and I’m not going to chase a trend, either. To me, a great band will always sound great, today and in ten years. If you listen to this record, it’s not about fitting into today’s country, or yesterday’s country, or tomorrow’s country, it just is.” 

The Grammy-winning Country superstar, understands that people consume music in the real world; but to create something that endures, a whole lot of lab time is required. Laughing, he explains the album’s title – a lyric from the road boogie “What I Knew Then” — comes from the dual states of mind that come into play with making records. 



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