10 examples of the type of band members you DON'T want

10 Examples of the Type of Band Members You DON’T Want

  1. Ego-maniacal lead singer – A lead singer who is more concerned with their own ego and image rather than the overall success of the band can be detrimental to the group dynamic.
  2. Unreliable drummer – A drummer who is frequently late or misses rehearsals and gigs can disrupt the band’s schedule and hinder their ability to perform at their best.
  3. Addict bassist – A bassist who is struggling with addiction can not only be a liability on tour, but their personal issues can also affect the morale of the rest of the band.
  4. Diva guitarist – A guitarist who is constantly causing drama and difficult to work with can create a toxic environment within the band.
  5. Musically incompetent keyboardist – A keyboardist who is not up to par with the rest of the band musically can hold the rest of the group back and prevent them from reaching their full potential.
  6. Flaky backup vocalist – A backup vocalist who cancels shows or doesn’t show up to rehearsals regularly can cause issues with the band’s performance and reputation.
  7. Lazy sound engineer – A sound engineer who doesn’t take their job seriously or doesn’t put in the necessary effort can result in poor sound quality at shows.
  8. Unprofessional roadie – A roadie who is disrespectful or unprofessional towards venue staff or fans can reflect poorly on the band.
  9. Inflexible band manager – A band manager who is unwilling to compromise or adapt to changing circumstances can hinder the band’s progress.
  10. Non-contributing band member – A band member who doesn’t contribute to songwriting, rehearsals, or other band responsibilities can be a burden on the rest of the group.
10 examples of the type of band members you DON'T want

Obviously this is tongue and cheek even though we all know someone who resembles one of these stereotypes. Share with friends or someone who needs too get the hint.



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